Yoga & Health

In October 2010 I had a small operation to help with the discomfort of fibroids, a condition which I controlled with the help of specific postures. Yoga helped my recovery and continues to build my strength to enable me to live an active life.

Yoga can be used as a tool in life. It can be of great benefit for active people, walkers, runners, cyclists, as it helps avoid injury by keeping the muscles supple and toned and the joints flexible. It also corrects bad posture caused by repetitive actions such as sitting at a computer all day! It helps to calm and sooth tension and frayed nerves caused by modern day life.

Yoga can help give us the energy to cope with the physical and mental stresses of modern day life. Spending time alone in yoga practice can help to put things into perspective and builds inner strength, family friends and work all benefit! You need not be an expert or at the peak of physical fitness to practice yoga.

Recommended reading:

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