For more information please contact Simone on 07837 583 637.

Yoga Classes

Crescent Yoga Studio is dedicated to all learners. Without students where would teachers be?

Watch out for dates of up and coming workshops, these are usually run on a Sunday morning once a month for three hours, to look more closely at the postures.

When attending the classes you can expect individual attention and hands on adjustment. All classes are of mixed ability in which I encourage each individual to respect their own limitations. We do not compete at Crescent Yoga Studio. We work in a supportive environment with a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere. You do not have to pay up front or book. Sessions are all drop in classes and cost £10.00 per session.

Yoga Class Fees

All sessions £10
Chair Yoga £7

With there being limited spaces I do ask you to call for availability.

Each session is designed to incorporate a variety of Asanas to achieve the goal of improving general health and lubricating the joints. The Asanas strengthen and lengthen the ligaments and muscles. The Asanas have been selected with the view that they will tone the internal organs and strengthen the nerves.

At Crescent Yoga Studio you will learn standing poses which are invigorating and develop strength. Seated poses are calming and remove fatigue. The twisting poses are effective in relieving backache and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and improve digestion.

Inverted poses such as shoulder stand and headstand are introduced when appropriate. They revitalise the whole body, improve circulation and tone the glandular system. Balancing postures develop strength and agility, muscle tone developes. Backbends are rejuvenating, they give energy and combat depression. All the classes end with a relaxation. Relaxation is a blessing. It brings peace to mind and body.

 Yoga etiquette/cautions

  • The stomach and bowels should be empty.
  • Do not wear tight clothes that restrict breathing, circulation or digestion.
  • To avoid injury, do not force the body beyond its capacity.
  • Please arrive in good time.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • No shoes allowed on studio floor.